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Believers Class

This is for anyone looking to learn more about the fundamentals of their faith. We explore every topic from faith to Jesus second coming


Baptismal Class

Do you want to get baptized? We talk about the meaning of baptism and what it signifies.



This class is mandatory for all those want to serve in any of the departmental teams. You would learn the vision and mission of RCCG, the role of a worker, and the duties of member of each individual department.

School of Disciples (SOD)

What does the Bible mean when it says, "greater works than these will you do"? How do we practically take up our cross and follow him? What are our privileges and rights? School of disciples is the class where we like peter take a step deeper with God.

Redeemers Leadership Institute (RLI)

The Redeemers Leadership Institute runs courses meant to train leaders. With courses like Church administration, Bridge gap (learning to manage intergenerational communication gaps in church), Financial management, leadership, and strategic thinking, e.t.c
Click here to go to their website and see what they currently offer.
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